God of Noodles

Shengdu food faces difficulties in expansion and profitability. Their BEST SELL tendon meat, have profit margin only about 40%, and the clay category brings 60%. Re-planed the product line and price range. Created a"tongue licking"packaging box in delicious orange color and changed from 500g to 250g.Now seems to have a lower unit price.

The new brand name"Holy claw treasurer" is more likely to be remembered. We also needed to shift the focus from dinner and holidays, into everyday consumption. We build a new flavor memory:"Sweet and Spicy", and consumers are willing to buy back because they can clearly feel the difference in taste. Today 80s and 90s are trend setters on the market with highest purchasing power. Reaching these groups was made with integrated marketing, content and one strong point.

How to build a franchise model product system to scale expansion? Achieve universal products,appropriate prices, and easy copying.

Claw category will be the next trend.

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How we make an

Opinion Leader:

OSENS created some of the iconic brands of China Mainland and push them abroad.
We position our clients as Opinion Leadersin the industry,
in a way we find or build one distinctive advantage in the industry that only you have.
Later,competitors can only be followers,carring the difficult trust in "piracy".

The process of producing an Opinion leader is delicate and requires not only mad creativity,
but deep market scanning,experience-intensive work
and precise forecasting of the future trends.

Becoming industry influence is a creativity based on numbers.


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